Lovin’ It.

Apart from fashion, this blog will allow some insight into my other interests: movies, quirky/funky video clips, photography, etc.

This time around the post will focus on a quirky video I found through @AdFreak on Twitter which I absolutely loved. It’s a stop-motion movie using post-its created by SCAD student, Bang-yao Liu. So without further ado, follow this link to watch =).

For more fun ad-related videos, visit the AdFreak blog.


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Thinkin’ About: Amélie

So, I got inspired by one of my favorite movies recently and I decided to create a set to recreate some of the things I liked from the movie: the colors, the music, the dreamy scenarios and overall, the love story. For better appreciation of the set and for info on the items in it, click on the image below and see it on the Polyvore site.

I’ve also included the introduction to one of my favorite childhood poem books: Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.

I recommend a dose of Shel Silverstein for everyone, his poems are so silly and the illustrations are quite fun as well…and if you haven’t seen Amelie already, go out and rent it! It’s lovely.:)

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, go to www.polyvore.com and create your own set or get inspired by following them on Twitter: @polyvore.


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Refinery29: On Ads and Socialites

Our friends at Refinery29 (Twitter: @refinery29) have posted two very cool articles today.

The first is on NYC socialites from the 50s till today: http://pipeline.refinery29.com/under_the_influence/from_tina_to_tinsley_the_evolu.php

The article includes Sedgwick in her timeline

The article includes Sedgwick in their timeline

The other on the new Emma Watson pics for Burberry:


Please see below for a sample of the Burberry pics. Emma looks stunning!


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Feeling Retro.

Ok so the other day, I went to a surprise party for a friend of mine, and I decided to go a little retro.

Sorry for the bad picture quality..but one of the items on my TO DO list is get a new camera so you can enjoy better pictures!


wicked pretty

wicked pretty


Nail polish: Wicked by Essie

High Waisted Bell-Bottom Pants: J Brand

Blouse: Celia Birtwell for Express

Shoes: Zara

Earrings: Dunno, they were a gift!

Other pretty pieces worn by my friends that night were…


Anabelle’s gorgeous brown gladiator-ish heels from Zara


Laura’s pretty Betsey Johnson bumble bee earrings.


Luli’s pretty pretty headband from Anthropologie.

That’s all for pretty things from that night…stick around for more social gathering-related ensembles!


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RDFW Day 1 Favorite Pieces

Ok, so I tried to do a gallery for these pictures, but unfortunately, my blogging skills are yet to reach that place where I can think of something and do it seamlessly (but I am a dreamer, so some day people…some day).

Here are my three favorites from RDFW. All three items are from the Mariano Toledo collection. Descriptions below…


This was a black cutout dress that came towards the end of the show. Although I couldn’t get a shot from where I was sitting, I couldn’t catch the back to the dress, which was sheer black with a solid black panel from the neck to almost her um…the end of her back? You get the idea… 😉



I absolutely loved the shoulders on this purple mini dress. Although it had a lot of fringe à la Great Gatsby on the front, the futuristic shoulder pads made the frock…am I really gonna use this word?…FIERCE. I felt if I wore that, I’d feel totally bad ass.


Not that I would EVER be able to pull this off, but I loved the Madonna meets Leia look above. It’s the perfect melange between Erotica, the Confessions horse theme with a dash of Leia. I think someone should work that look into a movie…

I'm really liking these collages...

I'm really liking these collages...

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Dominican Rep. Fashion Week (Show 1)

Since I wasn’t going to be able to post EVERY SINGLE video of last night’s launch to DR’s fashion week, I did a mini-collage. I’m still a beginner and I do notice the images are a tad bit fuzzy but the night was full of refreshing surprises.

First off was Jenny Polanco, a DR designer who mixes colorful fabrics with refreshing white linens for the island culture. Her head bows, collection of white beach dresses and white over-sized hats were lovely. Next was Robert Flores, a menswear designer that didn’t do that much for me although I know that some of the men in the DR would totally dig his err…flashy? designs. Finally we had the priviledge of seeing Mariano Toledo, invited from Argentina with his winter collection. His futuristic look was very well carried out with flying saucer-like discs up dos and double-discs straight out of Star Wars’ Princess Leia.

His black dresses with sheer cutouts were sexy but subtle and his purple large-shouldered mini dress was to die for. Enjoy!


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Ok. My first blog entry EVER. Whoa. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, a place to vent, share my fancies and opinions with anyone who cares to drop in and view/read.

My name is Amalia Vega, I live in the Dominican Republic and love fashion, food, music and traveling. I also love PR and marketing & dancing. I gues this is a good start. Hope you all enjoy.

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