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There and Back Again…a Blogger’s Tale by Moli Moda

So…yeah.  It’s been a while. In an unfortunate turn of events, I went on a business trip that weakened my blogging abilities as kryptonite weakens Super Man but now I’m here for good and all I feel like doing is popping out of every window in my house and yelling: I’M BACK BABY!

Not sure why but all the time I was gone I felt like my blog was to me what the mop is to the woman in the Swiffer “Baby Come Back” commercials:

In celebration of my return to blogging, I’d like to kick some kryptonite a** and celebrate the color green…not one that I’m too fond of particularly but it goes with the whole post, don’t you think? Plus, it pays homage to the jade goodness that Uncle Karl brought to the runways not so long ago.



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Shout Out: Didi’s World

My dear Didi has just written an interesting post about at-home beauty services (think your favorite mani, pedi, hair, etc. done at home rather than at the salon). See post here.

Apparently this is a whole new thing in the US, but lemme tell ya people, we might be a small island in the Caribbean, but we’re way ahead of you on this one. Back home, there’s an immesurable gamma of ladies that come chez toi and do everything from waxing, to manis&pedis to blowing out your hair, makeup, massages, etc.

Despite the Allure article suggesting this is for older ladies, it’s very special for women of any age to be pampered at home without the waiting, appointment-making and running around like a chicken with your head chopped off across town to and from the salons. My hero in the mani/pedi/at-home waxing/hair do’ing department is called Belkis (lemme know if you want her phone # SDQ girls).  Yet she isn’t the only one doing this, all of my friends have different (and very talented) young women that pamper them at home.

I agree with Didi that services of this type will probably be more costly in the US, but hey, one deserves the best all the time, why not splurge a little?

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