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There and Back Again…a Blogger’s Tale by Moli Moda

So…yeah.  It’s been a while. In an unfortunate turn of events, I went on a business trip that weakened my blogging abilities as kryptonite weakens Super Man but now I’m here for good and all I feel like doing is popping out of every window in my house and yelling: I’M BACK BABY!

Not sure why but all the time I was gone I felt like my blog was to me what the mop is to the woman in the Swiffer “Baby Come Back” commercials:

In celebration of my return to blogging, I’d like to kick some kryptonite a** and celebrate the color green…not one that I’m too fond of particularly but it goes with the whole post, don’t you think? Plus, it pays homage to the jade goodness that Uncle Karl brought to the runways not so long ago.



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Sound Bite in Black & White

This video sent to me by a friend inspired me to think about things black and white. I thought about Penguins, old flicks and on and on until my day dream stumbled upon Chanel and all things related. I’m very excited to see the upcoming film where Audrey Tatou (see Thinkin’ About Amelie) is playing Coco in her early years of cabaret and love affairs.

So, here’s to Spektor, penguins and Chanel.

The natural tux:

Chanel Resort 2007:


Chanel ballet flats:

Chanel Maltese Cross Brooch–image via Photobucket:

Chanel Resort 2010–image via

Chanel Resort 2010_Style

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud”   –Mademoiselle Chanel:

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