Dedicated to: Working Women Everywhere

Most of my friends are working women–I am one myself– and there are two particular friends of mine who came to mind as I created this Polyvore set.

One is currently working in the NYC fashion scene and recently got promoted (Congrats! Keep the good stuff coming!). The other got back from a whirlwind month-long job searching, LES perusing and party-hoppin’ stay in the city that never sleeps. She dreams of going back and setting up permanent camp in the big apple.

Here’s to you my dears.


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One response to “Dedicated to: Working Women Everywhere

  1. Melissa Arostegui

    I LOVE IT….one good thing about working here is that i wear heels all day bc i dont walk anywhere…so cheers to that!
    i working on integrating color to my wardrobe…turquoise looks like a good option

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