RDFW Day 1 Favorite Pieces

Ok, so I tried to do a gallery for these pictures, but unfortunately, my blogging skills are yet to reach that place where I can think of something and do it seamlessly (but I am a dreamer, so some day people…some day).

Here are my three favorites from RDFW. All three items are from the Mariano Toledo collection. Descriptions below…


This was a black cutout dress that came towards the end of the show. Although I couldn’t get a shot from where I was sitting, I couldn’t catch the back to the dress, which was sheer black with a solid black panel from the neck to almost her um…the end of her back? You get the idea… šŸ˜‰



I absolutely loved the shoulders on this purple mini dress. Although it had a lot of fringe Ć  la Great Gatsby on the front, the futuristic shoulder pads made the frock…am I really gonna use this word?…FIERCE. I felt if I wore that, I’d feel totally bad ass.


Not that I would EVER be able to pull this off, but I loved the Madonna meets Leia look above. It’s the perfect melange between Erotica, the Confessions horse theme with a dash of Leia. I think someone should work that look into a movie…

I'm really liking these collages...

I'm really liking these collages...


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