Dominican Rep. Fashion Week (Show 1)

Since I wasn’t going to be able to post EVERY SINGLE video of last night’s launch to DR’s fashion week, I did a mini-collage. I’m still a beginner and I do notice the images are a tad bit fuzzy but the night was full of refreshing surprises.

First off was Jenny Polanco, a DR designer who mixes colorful fabrics with refreshing white linens for the island culture. Her head bows, collection of white beach dresses and white over-sized hats were lovely. Next was Robert Flores, a menswear designer that didn’t do that much for me although I know that some of the men in the DR would totally dig his err…flashy? designs. Finally we had the priviledge of seeing Mariano Toledo, invited from Argentina with his winter collection. His futuristic look was very well carried out with flying saucer-like discs up dos and double-discs straight out of Star Wars’ Princess Leia.

His black dresses with sheer cutouts were sexy but subtle and his purple large-shouldered mini dress was to die for. Enjoy!



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